Height Ventures, LLC is a strategic holding company for a variety of investments and business initiatives. Most of these efforts focus on technology enablement either through strategic partnerships, direct investments, or indirect investments as a Limited Partner in other funds.

Who is Height Ventures?

Height Ventures intentionally does not have just one strategic imperative. Instead, it can look for opportunity to invest based on curiosity, philanthropy, technology trends, or even just for the sake of amusement.

In general, Height believes that it’s often those individuals who just make a little bit of daring progress, every day that eventually create the breakthrough solutions of the future. Some mountains appear steep, but they can be conquered one step at a time, until you’ve reached a magnificent Height. Don’t forget to look around, you might find another mountain to climb.

Key Objectives

Height Ventures is organized around a handful of key objectives.

Direct Investments

Height makes only one or two angel investments each year, generally under $25,000 each.

Strategic Partnerships

Height tries to be active with its portfolio companies by creating strategic partnerships that add value.

Limited Partner

Height makes many of its investments indirectly by acting as a Limited Partner in other funds.


Height is a member of a variety of strategic organizations which provide deal flow and other insights.

Board Seats

Height occasionally takes a board seat in a portfolio company or a strategic partner, but only when it can be helpful.


Height dedicates time and resources primarily towards causes that improve technology education.

Ken Davis, Principal

As CEO and founder of TaskEasy, Ken Davis has spent the last 6 years focused on connecting customers with service providers. TaskEasy has grown from a basement idea to a company now responsible for nearly 800,000 single family properties. TaskEasy has operations in Salt Lake City, UT, as well as in Latin America.

Ken is a natural entrepreneur with a record of founding and running successful companies. He previously started Exterus, a software engineering and information technology services group with partners in Timisoara, Romania; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Indore, India; and Oakley Networks, a cyber security company which sold to Raytheon in 2007 for nearly a quarter billion dollars. Ken continued at Raytheon for more than three years following the purchase in the capacity of Vice President of Technology. He was primarily focused on due diligence and integration for Raytheon’s multi-billion M&A activity, along with directing Raytheon’s only commercial sales team.

Ken is a member of the Board of Directors for Silicon Slopes, a non-profit Utah entity designed to establish Utah as one of the top markets for technology growth in the United States. Ken is also a member of the National Rental Home Council where he chairs a committee focused on occupied properties maintenance. Ken actively participates with the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development. He has traveled with the Governor of Utah to Mexico on an Economic Trade Mission, and recently spoke at the Utah Economic Summit.

Ken received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, where he studied Finance and Mathematics. He is an experienced speaker and lecturer, having presented at tech and security conferences including: RSA, The Gartner IT Security Summit, Tech Forum, DoDIS, InterOp, Secure World, Silicon Slopes, Utah Tech Week, Kickstart CEO Summit, and a variety of universities, including as a guest lecturer in Spanish at several universities in Latin America.

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Investments and Affiliations

Height is an investor in (either directly, or indirectly as a Limited Partner) or affiliated with (either as Height Ventures, or through Ken Davis individually) the following organizations:

What People are Saying

Ken is the type of visionary that lets you contribute your ideas without feeling like you are taking personal risk by speaking your mind. Sharing ideas with Ken would always make those ideas stronger and more likely to succeed.

Michael Theis

Chief Engineer & Assistant Director for Research, Carnegie Mellon University

The session that you hosted at the Kickstart CEO summit was one of the best sessions ever. It was honest, thoughtful and actionable. Thanks for all of your great leadership in our community!

Gavin Christensen

Founder, Kickstart Seed Fund

What sets Ken apart from many entrepreneurs is his maturity, humble nature, and, maybe most of all, his business acumen. He is someone you want to bet on when he is behind an idea. In sum, a great guy who treats people very well and is easy to engage with.

Mel S. Lavitt

Investor with over 50 years of experience in investment banking and venture capital

Ken Davis is one of the most brilliant minds in technology and has proven to be an incredible entrepreneur and leader in Silicon Slopes.

Clint Betts

Executive Director, Silicon Slopes

Ken is the rare investor & CEO who is both visionary and a good listener. His instincts are on target, and he cares equally about results and the team that helps make them happen. I’m lucky to count him as both a leader and a friend.

Karl Sowa

COO, TaskEasy

Ken is an experienced CEO with a proven track record of execution with multiple companies. He has a keen eye for opportunity and the skills to get the job done. I am excited to find new ways to work and collaborate with Ken.

Casey Berman

Founder and Managing Director, Camber Creek

Ken’s entrepreneurial insights, grit and resiliency are world-class. He can simultaneously execute in the moment and see around corners. If I were a founder, I would want him in my corner and on my cap table.

A.J. Dye

Partner, IronGate Capital

Ken is a very experienced entrepreneur and CEO that I've had the pleasure of working with for years. He's an excellent operator who has an instinct for growth but also knows how to make tough decisions. More importantly he's a selfless leader of high integrity. He would be a valuable advisor, board member or resource to any company.

Lawson DeVries

General Partner, GroTech Ventures